We offer small group classes in order to give every client a safe, personalized, and highly effective Pilates experience. We have classes for every level and will continue to mold our schedule to fit the needs of our clientele. Our classes are a blend of classical and contemporary Pilates, molding Joseph's original methods with exercises designed to fit the needs of our current lifestyles. As the studio grows, so will our schedule and class offerings. 

Summer 2019 Special: First Pilates class is just $15!

We offer multiple pricing options. Our best deal is the monthly unlimited membership for $135/month.


Group Classes


Beginner Pilates

Designed for clients that are new to Pilates and those that would prefer a refresher course. We will practice our 7 Pilates Principles and guide clients through a typical Pilates class at a slow pace that allows clients to feel deep connections in their bodies. Re-discover muscles that haven’t been worked in a while.

Multi-Level Pilates

A Pilates Reformer workout that will include options to make each Pilates exercise more or less challenging depending on each clients' goals for the day. This class will perform all levels of the Pilates Repertoire in a safe and effective manner. 

Athletic Pilates

A great class for brand new or experienced Pilates clients. A blend of Pilates and other types of fitness training that are performed while focusing on the Pilates Principles and proper alignment. These classes are high energy and could include a mix of Pilates Reformer/tower, chair, barre, functional strength training, and even cardio.

Mixed Level Apparatus Class

A challenging class for all levels of clients that could include any of these pieces of equipment: Arc Barrel, Tower, Pilates Circles, and Reformer. Learn to perform Pilates exercises on different types of apparatus to deepen your understanding of Pilates and your body. 

Chair Pilates

The Pilates chair is the most athletic piece of Pilates equipment. You will perform Pilates exercises on wood “chair” using springs and your body weight as resistance. This class is a multi-level class that focuses on improving balance while performing a variety of Pilates exercises.


Private Pilates & Duets


Privates are open to all client levels. Whether you are brand new to Pilates, a seasoned Pilates enthusiast, or an athlete or dancer that is used to fitness training and movement. This is the best option to meet your individual needs and goals. You will be guided through a 55 minute sessions to help you reach peak performance in all of your daily activities. 



Workshops will be offered to help increase our clients awareness of different Pilates Principles, concepts, and movements. We also will offer workshops directed at certain populations such as pre- or post-partum, osteoporosis, and more.